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  1. ...用來溝通,不必太過拘泥。 以下貼上幾個例句, 這些例句您都能在google搜尋「 support from」 而找到的國外文章標題。 1. Clinton Owes Lead...

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  2. ...道路被抗議的群眾給阻斷了 2009-02-09 14:18:20 補充: 不過As a mass the supported Napoleon 沒有of 那就要看上下文 a mass一團糟 His room is...

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  3. ... time. 你可以稍後再試. For assistance, contact your network support team. 更多的協助, 與您的網路維修人員聯繫 譯者註 : 你應該是在要連線到某...

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  4. from your music. No matter where you are, I will always support you forever. Take care of yorself Miyako with love

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  5. ... refrigerant liquid pipe凍箱的冷媒管 radiator hose inlet散熱器管入口radiator support opening cover支柱散熱器的蓋子

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  6. ... 工業的 whales 鯨 university 大學 realized 了解.明白 support 支持 occupied 佔領 outgoing 外出 dainties 可口的食物

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  7. ... retirement. Keep in touch. Thanks for all your support through the years.

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  8. .... 所以原問題: The consultants recommended that more support staff _____ hired. 要選(3) be, 助動詞should省略了,在文法上是屬於假設語氣...

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  9. ...再與您分享知識!謝謝! 2011-06-13 09:15:31 補充: With so many people supporting ipad, are you moved? 這句話沒甚麼錯,因為您的中文是這樣寫...

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  10. 我想你的句子是不是漏掉了什麼 應該是 thank you for supporting me! 謝謝你(們)支持我! hope to see you soon at my show!!! 希望可以...

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