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  1. TOYOTA superiority : 1.Has the vehicle apex big plant the superiority , under the flag has...

  2. word superiority effect ——字优效果 1.在英文中有意义的单字本身或是其..., and this advantage came to be called the word superiority effect (WSE) 源自

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  3. The superiority lies in the innovation, the specialty is worth trusting 這是我的答案

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  4. ...statement talking about?」 「I'm writing about『The superiority of rabits to foxes and wolves』。」 「Have you ...

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  5. Do Americans have innate sense of superiority in the easten country? Do Americans think themselves too innocently...

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  6. ... species Species selected for its superiority in a stable environment; a species typified by slow growth, relatively large...

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  7. ... Operating Targets ) 3.加盟優勢 Alliance Superiority 4.公司組織圖 Company Organization chart 5.加盟主資格 ...

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  8. 產品優越性 Product Superiority 產品獨特性 Product Uniqueness 廣告利器 Affective Advertising 目光焦點 focal point or Center of attention

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  9. ... thought she was the best and had an air of superiority around her. 意思是:Jane 覺得她是最好、最優秀的,讓人覺得...

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  10. We want a relative superiority ! You send someone 我們來一決高下吧! 你們派誰

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