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  1. 我估你是問: a few more deadlifts 和 a couple miles 這兩節句詞跟前文的 to bandage your shoes 的關係/意思。 這兩詞組都是借用代表 力度 (deadlift = 立定舉重) = 可(提起)走多幾步 延長時間 (couple of miles = 走多幾哩路) = 延長(鞋的壽命)走多幾步

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  2. ...抱歉 2014 03 24 Super Junior-M SWING主打((超好聽的推薦!!

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  3. ...帆船 season 季節 sea 海 strawberry 草莓 G可以代表: girl 女孩 grass 草 glue 膠水 glad 開心 godess 女神 goast 鬼 god 神 glove手套 graden 花園 green...

  4. We did make sure the item was intact and well packaged. However, we do apologize for the damage caused during shipping. You can either use super glue or other adhesives to glue it back together.

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  5. ... - Did It On Em Nicki Minaj - Super Bass Pitbull - Give Me Everything (feat...

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  6. ...cute[kjut]可愛,mute[mjut]啞巴,fuse[fjuz]保險絲 -u-e [u] June[u]六月, super [u]超級, *特殊音標無法顯示,故省略 -ue [u] blue[blu]藍色,clue[klu]線索, glue [glu]膠水,true[tru]真的

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  7. ... the match on television. Just 106 million watched the 2010 Super Bowl. This summer, soccer fans will be glued to their TV sets as the best of the ...

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  8. 有ㄚ....... , 台灣代理商有進 .... 中文名稱 : 搖滾強力膠 提碁股份有限公司 02-25046268 ,, 04-23108886 ,, 07-5563113

  9. ... is a super fine boy who is super human, gentle and easy to get along with. Let’s be...on them, which are sort of photos with glue at the back. You can look at them when you think...

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  10. 以女人的觀點來看 她真的不愛你 無性生活,就足以證明 女人真的要厭惡討厭一個人到很深的程度 才會拒絕 否則夫妻之間,應該是床頭吵床尾和 光就這點,你就應該要離婚的 她不愛你,你如何犧牲奉獻,都是沒有用的 真的不必去做無謂的努力 她不會領情 可以跟她...