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  1. suffer under-是 受到某人某事物 給的壓力等等 such as, i suffer under experiments. 和 suffer from- 是從某人事物而受到的壓力 such as, my mother suffer from stroke. 不知道您懂不懂 如果不懂 再找人幫你吧

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  2. 我幫你整理成詞性、意義與例句與翻譯 suffer 詞性:動詞 意義: 1. 遭受;經歷 He suffered ...疾病)而痛或不舒服;因...而更糟;受...之苦 She often suffers from headaches. 她常常頭痛。

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  3. ...還原都很奇怪,句子如下,僅供參考^^" Not just the building suffered .

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  4. suffer 有vi也有vt的用法vt-- Our troopssuffered heavy losses.[遭逢,遇到倒楣痛苦]vi--Mary often suffers from severe headaches..[經常,持續遭逢,遇到,承受倒楣痛苦,深受其苦]

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  5. ...sunday is delayed until monday,ticket sales are likely to suffer . 如果週日最後依場延遲到禮拜一 票的銷售會受到影響(慘澹)

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  6. ... of perishables, such as flower and vegetable producers, suffered immediate damage form the ban of flights. 對於生產花卉蔬菜等的出口商,這些...

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  7. suffering (n.)>>指受折磨的痛苦(身體上或是心理上都可以) 從 suffer (v.)來看(...discomfort, great sorrow, etc 感到疼痛﹑ 不適﹑ 悲傷等; 受苦; 吃苦頭: Do you suffer from (ie often have) headaches? 你常頭痛嗎? 2.experience or undergo (sth unpleasant...

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  8. To see is to believe. 百聞不如一見,不定詞當主詞用,而本句To still be suffering 是不定詞片詞用分詞,是強調用意,當主詞用

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  9. 1) suffer 當不及物動詞用時應該寫作: He suffered for what he had... was then suffering from extreme poverty. His trade suffered greatly during the war. His reputation will suffer from such conduct. She...

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  10. Pepole suffering from lead poisoning can be treated with medicine...形容詞, 形容那個 can(罐頭), lead(鉛)是名詞. 3.為何 suffering 要加ing People suffering 是 "people...

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