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  1. ...not active; influenced by outside forces but not doing anything, suffering ( from human to horses) without opposition.; expressing an action which is...

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  2. otherwise----adv, in another or different way; any other than----adj----Other things being equal, Marrianne would/would not marry Edward. She was informed------s v all was practicable------adv cl. other than her self-command practised...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年01月10日

  3. ...release a lot of pressure and depression when I feel depressed. And suffer not from acute depression anymore.(no of words=160)

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  4. 病人有糖尿病,高血壓,高血脂及老年性中風病史.她可以獨立執行日常生活活動,但無法行走太長距離。這次求診是因呼吸困難一天(從7月24日).無發燒,無帶痰的咳嗽,無胸痛,無血便,無下肢水腫, 尿量無減少, 但主訴輕微腹脹(兩個月前經食道胃十二指腸內視鏡檢查為胃炎)因此,到急診就診,急診時...

  5. 若然你如此惡意待人,必招得同等對待。為何不嘗試接納和寬恕他人呢?

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  6. 這次他受到嘔吐困擾,導致他改變食慾及感到便秘!!!

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  7. ... what I enjoyed most since 6 years old until my suffering from back injury in high school. Meanwhile, I took on music, ...

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