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  1. .... My boss raised my salary last month . 英文無Sale屎架, 加多個哥哥姐姐響後面啦... (n) - Do you want to achieve success in life? Succeed (v) - Do you want to succeed in life? Successful...

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  2. ... tring to catch insect but it did not succeed . (三)Mother bought orange, apple and... library will be closed on 11.the last day of the month . (六)We are going to 12.the/a cinema to...

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  3. 1. arrival 2. stormy 3. famous 4. succeed 5.different 6. great 7.sell 8. happily 9. hunger 10. windy 11. regulary 12.advise 13. medical 14. dead 15. absence

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  4. ... for travelling on this trip no matter what! After eighteen months of hard work I finally succeeded in earning plenty of money. On the day I started ...

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  5. ...example: The lecture, the gourmet festival,etc.. Have succeeded in training some outstanding shop ... group's best-run shop assistant for two months in succession.

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  6. 好似又係功黎嫁喎,不過呢題我以前做過yeah i) 佢可以by Civil Law / The Law Of Tort去追,如果証實係間store有錯,例如有水or污穢冇清潔。至於告邊個就梗係睇係邊個錯啦,好似頭先講咁,係有水or污穢既就可能係間store同清潔公司錯囉,都...

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  7. ... twenty second of the fifth lunar month Disease: Ears once inflammation, tried... and falling to fluctuate when being young, succeeding , there is no question now

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  8. ... since last week, but none of them is succeeded . I explained to him that a possible... salary by 50%. That is, from $15000 per month to $7500 per month . 200Sorry... typing...

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  9. ... company with effect from the first of next month . Let me add that it is with great regret...trip. In the meantime, I am sure you will succeed in finding somebody who will be able to take over from...

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  10. ... prepare for the worst. 6 You may live for one month !! 7 I have tried my best, I ...discuss the operation together. 15 Congratulations, the operation succeeded .

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