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  1. ...contentment in life 在「生活上找到滿足與幸福感」。 ~ have what it takes to succeed ……具備了成功所需的條件 have 是「有」,what it takes to succeed 是...

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  2. ...the silver coins back. The reason why he succeeded is because he did not move with reckless courage...小小的祕訣提供給你,如果要寫英文作文,儘量不要運用 中文 成語再翻譯哦~因為 中文 成語認真翻譯起來會很奇怪...

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  3. 你/妳好, Succeeding through people. 透過人們而成功。 要看整句話才可以翻譯得完整,不過我想這句話大致上意思應該是某件事要透過人們或透過大家一起做、一起參與而成功吧。 以上是我的翻譯供你/妳參考,希望對你/妳有幫助。^_^

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  4. doing?(你到底在做什麼?) downstairs: 樓下(的) decision: 決定 (名詞) succeed : 成功 (動詞)

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  5. ...investigation, although each people want to start an undertaking work as boss, but succeeds only then about 30%, therefore start an undertaking, when boss has ...

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  6. ...people give other some common advice: "Try till you succeed " 許多人會給他人這個普遍的勸告:“要不斷嘗試... that the spider, like him, would never succeed . 布魯斯心想,這隻蜘蛛永遠都不會成功,就像他一樣...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年04月14日

  7. ... to meet the life the setback do not give up, must insist that certainly will succeed finally, do not strike down all of a sudden

  8. .... 2010-02-18 19:51:01 補充: 健康的身體創造財富。 The strong body succeeds for the creative riches to people.

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  9. ...that someone will have to sink or swim (成敗全靠自己), you mean that they will have to succeed through their own efforts, or fail. The government doesn't...

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  10. Formal, official,non private advertisement:- 好=good=have good results=seeming likely to succeed =full of promise=adl=promising=(2)前景看好.

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