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  1. 請問 stuff 前面係咪有個verb動詞字你冇聽到,或者漏了寫。 因為 stuff 可以作動詞,是「擠」,例如sutff things into a box,把東西擠(塞)進...

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  2. ...often as an interjection, to express contempt or defiance. Abbreviation of " stuff it up your ass" 這的意思是叫Lord Loss 收聲, 收回他...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年03月03日

  3. ...補充: corr. Probably you (found) "nerd it up " at 2008-12-08 14:16:04 補充: The 【3rd】 possible...quot;Our nerds and employers put fun stuff to work for them while achieving greatness."...

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  4. Justin Bieber, 很多少女黏著的/喜歡的17歲加拿大籍歌手, 正面臨聲譽的代價. 他應該花過去數週大部分時間來推廣聖誕專輯, 但卻轉移至他必須否認他在去年與一名加利福尼亞粉絲在後台相遇後產子的事. 他辯解: “係肯定地, 百分之百不真確的.” 他告訴名人網站...

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  5. Mother said: Don't forget to pick up the dry cleaning. I will put mother said in front, because she wants to let someone know to pick up the stuff . I hope this can hellp you with.

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  6. Actually, this is a stuff related to phonetics, which is an item that you ..., O, U) Examples : - Wake up --> Wake (k) up - First of all --> First...

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  7. 新聞: 2006年十月23日 Polly網站再上升。 我不能訪問帳戶,并且我在網頁將設法增加更多帶寬和增加更多材料 感謝所有你的支持對Polly

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  8. ...mum. 3.因為我想買化妝品給媽媽 Because I want to buy some make- up stuffs to my mum.

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  9. ... facing in). Then, flip the good sides out, and stitch up the open edge. Your quilt is now ready for use!

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  10. ...2) Look at the lighting at the gate of elevator and clearing up miscellaneous stuff or to check whether there is absolutely no body around;(3) To ensure by apply...

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