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  1. 把此行拿掉 clrscr( ); 或改成 /* clrscr( ); */ 2007-10-20 21:49:09 補充: 我comile過( Dev-C++ 可執行 把程式存成 5_hanoi_r.c 就可以了

  2. Stray days is a serious problem in Taiwan recently.We can see...female dogs to have babies.If we do it, we can reduce the total of stray dogs.Second, we have to take cake of the dogs which we have...

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  3. Discusses by Taiwan middle area's stray dog to the society the influence as well as the stray dog well as the understanding loving care stray dog's responsibility should from start personally, hoped...

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  4. 你可能沒注意到oncoming這個字。 那是指告示牌會警告電車駕駛,迎面而來的另一台車有可能會偏離車道(到它的車道上)造成危險。

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  5. stray 是迷路、迷途之意, 我覺得用 roam teacher, reserved teacher (就是儲備教師,僧多粥少), annual-contract teacher (一年一聘,每年都要到處參加甄試)

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  6. STRAY SHEEP  迷迷羊 白羊叫 小波 黑羊叫 梅莉 好懷念的卡通噢 :)

  7. 你可以到YAHOO!奇摩拍賣看看喔!說不定會有,而且都賣ㄉ很便宜

  8. Strays Don't Sleep - For Blue Skies 請自行上...

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  9. 狼雨- Stray 直接點進去下載琴譜吧!譜是pdf黨唷~ Stray .pdf

  10. 扶手吊環-handrail stray -ring 扶手-handrail 輕鐵車廂裡面的扶手吊環, 英文是 handrail stray -ring 圖片參考...contextual/mechanics/for/inertia/1-03.jpg Fig. 1-3 Holding the stray -ring (left) or leaning on the glass besides the seat (right) may help ...

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