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  1. ... - Stiches【歌詞】參考: lyrics - stitches -qtx6vxp【歌詞】參考: I know that you've come to end my shame ...

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  2. ...樂團: A*Teens 圖片參考: lyrics .com/ama/teen_spirit_b000059szw.jpg Can't Love 這首歌收錄在 Lilo & Stitch Soundtrack (2002) 這張電影原聲帶中。 圖片...

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  3. ...高手幫我翻譯的. I really appreciate the time you took to translate the lyrics from "At the Foot of the Cross" by Kathryn...

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  4. ... kara tomenaide 完整歌詞網址: lyrics .html 希望這些資料對您有幫助! 圖片參考:

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  5. ... never let them go 卻從未讓它們消失 Stitch up our broken hearts 來修補我們...+ 的規定而遭移除,將翻譯歌詞時,另外參考的 Lyrics 之網址附在意見區,如下~

    分類:音樂 > 其他:音樂 2014年03月20日

  6. ... it ain't broken girl, No need to stitch it up, And give your love to someone who really...wardrobe with brand new love. lyrics _toni_braxton.html 希望這些資料對您有幫助! 圖片參考...

  7. When no one cares And the phone never rings The nights are endless things You're like a child that cries And no one heeds the crying You're like a falling star that...

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  8. ... he's not there. 完整歌詞: lyric .php?lid=3530822107858596278  *知識+規定 不能求檔案及載點

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  9. ... no vacancy 原始資料出處: lyrics /love-letters- lyrics .html 2007-08-16 00:17:25 補充: 有點禍不單行...

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  10. ...版主 1.為避免誤觸 YK+ 的規定而遭移除,將翻譯歌詞時,所參考的 Lyrics 之網址,附在意見區,如下~

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