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  1. “人生若只如初見”可以翻譯成“If Life Was Still as When We First Met” 不管如何翻譯個人覺得還是比不上中文的美。

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  2. use it.) 2. Yes. At the minimum, in case of an incorrect answer, you still get some marks for correct solving.

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  3. ...change career or have more job opportunities in different varieties while still young. 

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  4. ... seems to be equal to the length of AC, but AD is still parallel to CG. Correct ratio

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  5. ...the dispersion among the data remains the same, so the new s.d. is still σ = √14. (c) For each datum multiply to the same number, the dispersion...

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  6. Ref. gravity formula:  If Mass same, New r is 1/3R. new g will be 1/(1/3R)^2 more or about x9 times more than original planet.

    分類:科學及數學 > 物理學 2020年05月19日

  7. 1.cover letter所應該寫的要點是:指出求職者正面的特點適應職缺的需求與對公司的聊解.雖然可以引用求職者謙虛向上的態度,虛無的詞語卻是人云亦云,毫無建樹可言.只有反效果. 2.5年之後,你看出XX事業沒有前途?到不如說你被YY事業的...

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