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  1. ...quality control that would make the clinical applications of stem celltransplantation therapy realizable. Hopefully, this would be...達成。 2012-01-06 21:37:32 補充: 柏亨 陳,若是您能幫我的 翻譯 修詞一下的話,我想知道該修哪邊。

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  2. ...palin從辦公室回到家的記載 包跨她在路上跟別人聊什麼(反墮胎,反同性戀,反 stem –cell 研究, 阿拉斯加的原油及生活文化問題) 還有他回到家跟他家人相處的...

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  3. ...增加。 Examples are found mostly among the root rots, stem rots, and stem canker organisms, although a few vascular wilts...

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  4. ...基本的細胞壁 Location位置 Cortex and pith of roots and stems ;mesophyll of leaves;xylem and phloem 樹皮, 植物的根髓, 莖或樹幹, 葉肉, 木質部...

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  5. 「墮胎或許可以解決意外懷孕所產生的不安全感,但卻有可能造成一輩子的傷害」 Abortion might put an end to the insecurity stemming from unexpected pregnancy, but it could also result in lasting harm.

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  6. ...它調節的原素 2009-08-21 18:00:14 補充: 我是看不太懂其他幾位英文高手的 翻譯 ! 根本就是亂翻!!!!! 我是照原文一句一句翻! 希望能給你最好的解釋!

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  7. government agencies and conservative medical societies seems to stem largely from ignorance of the scientific literature and from professional bias.政府機關和保守...

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  8. ... adrenocorticotropin during neonatal development suggests that they may stem from a common stem cell.In addition, N-terminal fragments of the...

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  9. ...;type V真核細胞的laminins;及nestin-neuroectodermal stem cells type VI 蛋白質。

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  10. Before the extraction, both stems and leaves were dried in air at 45◦C and then mechanically...

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