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  1. ...7. Don't know - it depends on what kind of people you are staying with.

  2. ... concern is how many days I am allowed to stay ?

  3. ...看個人 倘若你整天都跟華人廝混在一起,那當然英文不會有大進步 申請住在home stay 是對英文應該會有幫助,不過同樣的也是要自己夠積極才行 念商的話...

  4. ...暑假會有到拓殖大學的短期遊學 大約是25天左右 安排住再和東吳簽約的 home stay 還不錯 另外寒假也會有到別的大學的遊學活動 但這就不算是系上負責的了

  5. 我建議你先把錢再多存個10~15萬 有錢總比沒有錢在身上好~ 但是如果你只是單純想要短暫2~3個月 去進修語言課程, 你就準備個20萬~22萬左右(包含學費吃住) 學費以我的學校一周紐幣 380*12 = NZ $4560 homestay 230*12 = 2760 這樣學費加起來起碼也要17萬上下 5萬塊讓你在那邊當生活費開銷也...

  6. ... once a while so doesnt mean the caurse/category you r going to study will stay at 60 points all the time

  7. ...very nice to have you visit us again this year. I wish you a very nice stay in Taiwan. Wth best regards, xxxx

  8. ...into a PharmD program anyway. 2011-08-30 00:57:19 補充: My suggestion - stay in Hong Kong if you want Pharmacy.

  9. ...a valid overseas licence or international driving permit, as long as you stay for no more than a year at a time.

  10. ... you will have to wait a little longer, your family can stay together and wait (If you choose to go to the U.S. first...

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