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  1. ...quot; couple.(「正」在跳舞) The girl "sitting" next to me is Mary. I found him " standing " at the door. (那時他「正」站在門口; standing 是受詞補語...

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  2. ...a kind of "tail construction" referring back to the sentence subject, the pronoun "She".   2.... The punctuation was correct as it stood !  It is not a tag question! 

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  3. ... platforms. (2)write a prominent article or subject in a newspaper--- stands in middle between rioters and police force--4th eyes to challenge the Govt. (3)They write on a military striking force...

  4. 說實話這不完整句抽出來解惑其實無人可確實知道it是甚麼。 要知it才知that 才知learn from that 和beauty of that 是指甚麼 不過假如照原文直譯: 因為它的存在因而可以從中學習並認知它的美妙。愛不是單獨地存在的。

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  5. 就像有人說: "一般人 整個人生之中 有25年是在睡覺" 一樣 "一般人 整個人生之中 有5年是在排隊" "一般人 整個人生之中 有12月是在找失物" 會難懂嗎?

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  6. Came, go, stand , sit等動詞後接動名詞,表動作同時發生,這是習惯用法,

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  7. 這是我翻譯的結果:心力衰竭是一種複雜的綜合症,它依賴於許多生理機制的激活,這些機制與心肌損傷相關或一致,導致系統灌注不足

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  8. ... to walk."不定詞 (a) prefer + doing + to + doing I prefer " standing " to "sitting."動名詞相對應 (b) prefer + to do + rather than + ( to ) do ...

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  9. ... would make it ours. 無論如何都想繼續支持著妳 I would stand by you till the end of the world. 每當遇到特別的日子就寫信給妳 I write to you on every special day. 每次一定都要把心意完整的傳達給妳 I want you...

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