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  1. STAMINA DROPS------耐力下降 FREE THROWS AND STAMINA TRAINING------罰球和體能訓練 AGE DROPS------年齡下降 希望能幫到你喔~~

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  2. 1.Strength 力,力量,力氣;實力;效力 強度;(酒等的)濃度 長處 人數;兵力 2.Agillity應該是Agillity你打錯ㄌ 敏捷;靈活 機敏 3. Stamina 精力; 耐力; 韌勁 4.Willpower 意志力

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  3. ...a bit confused. I felt that I would not have enough stamina and love to work with autistic children. However, after a while I...

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  4. ...on board造句: He is in the restroom on board. 他在船上的廁所。 stamina 造句: He is a stamina man.He is a man with a lot of stamina ...

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  5. My vigour, stamina , strength do not enable me to (work) survive, expose with toughness and strength on this matter.

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  6. ...用 could / would Eating multi-vitamins could eliminate fatigue, and increase stamina . Eating multi-vitamins would decrease fatigue, and built up strength...

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  7. 這應該是外來語( stamina )為スタミナ体力;持久力;精力 2006-06-20 08:02:44 補充: スタミナ也翻作...

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  8. ...左撇子 lefty, southpaw 製圖 charting 刻苦耐勞的精神 spirit of industriousness and stamina 五專 (five-years) institute of xxxx、高職Vocational High...

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  9. 他是個行動派(或具有行動力)且有毅力的人 He is a person with activity and patience. 2008-12-08 00:35:41 補充: 毅力也可用 will power 有意志力的意思 patience 比較有 忍耐力 耐性 意思 stamina 持續力 精神上的耐力

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  10. ...他才曉得毅力的重要   not until he fails, will he know the importance of stamina /patience 2.難以想像這個懶人將來會變成怎樣(的一個人)   ...

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