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  1. A strong stalk is what keeps these tomatoes juicy. Be strong, just like this stalk , and you will go far. 一顆多汁的番茄一定有個強壯的梗支撐住。要更加堅強,像這些梗一樣,你將會走得更遠。

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  2. ...flower number on inflorescence, flower dimensions (width, length) and flower stalk length, flower color and shape, number of pistil and anther from 20 flowers...

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  3. Big stalks ft. Rocky padilla Gfunk - Cali Dippen 上Youtube搜尋就找的到摟 希望幫的上忙=)

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  4. 這句子的原形是﹕“The queen’s eyes were out on stalks ”﹐在這個版面上﹐一些半形的英文特殊符號﹐例如﹕「引號」不能使用﹐否則...

  5. 歌名 : Big stalks ft. Rocky padilla Gfunk - Cali Dippen 上Youtube就可以搜尋的到

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  6. 1.   The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole lurking behind ...83%E4%B9%A0.doc+The+mantis+ stalks +the+cicada,+unaware+of+the+oriole+behind&hl=zh-TW...

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  7. ...95%機會是沒有明顯分別的. Bananas of the second bunch from the stalk were harvested green at the full three-quarter stage (34 mm diameter) 第二...

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  8. I wonder how much time the TV show people stalked her to get her exact measurements. 我很納悶電視節目製作者追蹤她的精確的三圍多久了。 wonder:納悶 stalk :追蹤 exact:精確 measurements:三圍(女性)

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  9. 軸卡 Stalk card or Axis Card

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  10. 抱歉大大我太晚回了:) beanstalk-豆莖 stalk -(植物的)莖, 葉柄, 花梗, 果柄 balk ball-抱歉沒學過:( wall-牆, 壁; 圍牆; 城牆...