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  1. A strong stalk is what keeps these tomatoes juicy. Be strong, just like this stalk , and you will go far. 一顆多汁的番茄一定有個強壯的梗支撐住。要更加堅強,像這些梗一樣,你將會走得更遠。

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  2. ...flower number on inflorescence, flower dimensions (width, length) and flower stalk length, flower color and shape, number of pistil and anther from 20 flowers...

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  3. I wonder how much time the TV show people stalked her to get her exact measurements. 我很納悶電視節目製作者追蹤她的精確的三圍多久了。 wonder:納悶 stalk :追蹤 exact:精確 measurements:三圍(女性)

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  4. ...天氣這麼乾熱以致於左邊植物的葉子都枯萎了 4現在莖長了,而玉米也成熟了 (選 stalk 因為這是莖或葉柄的意思因為stake是棒子或賭注的意思 stick也是棒或枝條的意思...

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  5. ...colonoscopy was scheduled, which revealed a large pedunculated (on a stalk ) polyp (benign growth) in the descending colon.(在作完結腸鏡檢查後,在降結腸...

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  6. 1.   The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole lurking behind ...83%E4%B9%A0.doc+The+mantis+ stalks +the+cicada,+unaware+of+the+oriole+behind&hl=zh-TW...

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  7. The spectre of overweight stalks some of us (in) the way (that) starvation stalks others. the way...

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  8. ...巨人因追趕傑課,跌落地面。 這是最早出現這個字的用法.. 它的組合是bean+ stalk ... bean有豆子的意思.... 而 stalk 有蔓延、攀升的意思... 所以在故事中把兩字組合...

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  9. a head of cabbage a slice of toast an ear of corn a scoop of ice-cream a glass of orange juice a carton of milk a can of soda a bag of popcorn a pack of cookies a bottle of apple juice a packet of peanuts a stalk of celery

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  10. ...pack of cookies a bottle of apple juice a packet of peanuts a stalk of celery a piece of paper a loaf of bread a jar of jam a box of

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