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  1. 分手不會用apart這個字。 這個字一般用於"死物"的拆散,表示地方相隔很遠或兩人分開不同地方居住。 分手 是 break up split up go separate way 甚至是depart

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  2. ... followed; The word is we've an idiomatic split up .

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  3. That's the music video of "Get Down On It", the band that performed in it is Blue, a British boyband,but they've split up (temporary,maybe). Hope it helps.

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  4. ...and love destiny? Or is it one of the reasons why we have to split up ? Could you do a favour for your ex-wife and give me...

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  5. ...rarr;Functional group isomers in which one functional group is split up into different ones. ethenol and ethanal are different groups so...

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  6. ...week ken* is not quite right the two words shouldnt be split up ! if you pronounce it as *week and*, its fine... because you can always change the sound...

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  7. about 2 minutes. Turning onto a wire rack. Wait until cool, split up and serve. 中文:新鮮奶油蛋糕 成份: 即時黃油蛋糕麵粉(帝國品牌)300...

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  8. ... current leader, HIRO, was originally in the band ZOO, which split up in the mid-1990s. In 1999, HIRO started a new group J...

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  9. ... * Direct stream cut, without re-encode. * Support split AVI, Divx, MPEG-4 video files * Support split ...

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  10. ... Efron同Ashley Tisdale 點解分手: they didn't split up , i said they are just best friends!!

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