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  1. ...dinner.  I don't think you should eat your friends at any time . for example: (A) I had some fried chicken for dinner last night. = I ate fried chicken...

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  2. should. I almost bit my finger off when I had it last time . E:- Really, then I'll pack some light clothes and short jean.  -----Did you have a good time there, ...

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  3. ... of all your correspondence.  例3. Of course there will be some difficult times ahead. 釋義2. spoken (also course informal) used to emphasize that you...

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  4. ...---a participle, verbal adj qualifying a noun but retaining some properties of a verb---taken is past participle of

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  5. ... with the perfect tense after a date in the past; before the present time , between some time in the past and the present time when the time referred to is a week...

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  6. ... cultivate my culture of temperament. I also have some Chinese musical instruments, such as ...the results. This was the first time I had staged a stage performance. ...

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  7. ... who had bought it three times before 2008. (F) We can find ... from ..., I had never heard some of them before (his speech last night).

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  8. Some people said that whether it is family love, devoted love or affectionate friendly love, those who can challenge to fight against the measure of time , is the true love.

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  9. ... to (wherever.) then 是個副詞 1.) at that time ; at the time in question. "I was living in We should pop on some headphones. 一副耳機基本上供一人使用。主詞為...

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  10. ...desire,eager for success ,and eager for success in life.Thank you for your time and attention .

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