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  1. Soil has different sizes from large one to small one...and humus and the composition of sand is called soil texture. For coarse sand, it is loosely ...basically a kind of ammonium compound which makes the soil fertile. Due to humus, the soil texture is ...

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  2. It is because the seeds absorb the minerals and other nutrients which are good/essential for growth from the soil .

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2008年02月13日

  3. plant無法利用nitorgen(g)去合成所需的物質 只能從泥土的nitrates中獲得nitrogen ion

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2007年06月28日

  4. no, it does not include soil . because community means a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other. and soil isn't an organism ~:)

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  5. 最能夠代表PH酸值和令植物死亡的物質是「酸雨」 酸雨是由於大量燃燒化石燃料或生物物質,將酸性化合物(如二氧化硫,二氧化氮)排放至空氣中,造成降雨中含硫酸、硝酸等酸性物質的現象。這個概念最早由英國化學家,R.A.Smith在1859年提出,但一直到20...

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2006年12月05日

  6. The soil solution is normally very dilute, and the water potential is higher...other hand, in the root, there are actively uptake of minerals from the soil into the xylem vessel, and cause the water potential in xylem vessel decreased...

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2009年11月11日

  7. ... living together Oak trees, humming birds, soil ecosystem if they interact since soil is a physical factor soil provide space, nutrition...

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2010年02月11日

  8. 某種植物宜生在acid/ neutral/ alkaline soil 裏面.... 用石灰加落 一般 soil (alkaline), 硫磺加落 一般 soil (acidic), 同埋一般 soil 分別種... 同埋用兩set test 邊隻 soil 最suit 果隻plant

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  9. 係depends on本身個地方有無 soil exist 因為secondary succession係 Occurs in an existing community that have been interrupted (本身有 SOIL ) 而Primary succession 呢 一開始其實係無 soil

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2011年06月18日

  10. ... of the aerial part of the tomatoes is removed from soil rather than leaving on the soil and converted back to nutrients...

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