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  1. 社群商務是關於透過網路合作、從可信賴的人那裡徵求意見,對於自己的商品與服務能獲得幫助的地方。因此,研究與購買流程從單一目的的建立中縮減,採用多向度的目的。網誌就是其中一項成功的Web 2.0技術。

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  2. ... rapidly through our the country, popular and political attention turned to social and environmental concerns . 隨著中國鄉村與都市的收入激增,要擔憂的事...

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  3. 通常它們與確認的需求有關,可能會相當的籠統,而且會在有代言人或是新的服務項目(出現)存在時給予公開發言權。* 可以給整段嗎?這樣斷章取義的 翻譯 ,連 翻譯 的人都會看得霧煞煞的。

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  4. 這句的 翻譯 是,忘記公眾學製是一個相對新的現象是容易的。 實際上,強製的公共教育只適當...

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  5. Access to the dorm is usually limited to those who live there, but the lively social atmosphere can make studying very hard, even for the most diligent scholar. 進入宿舍就是通常會對住在那裡的人有所...

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  6. ...保護自身的地位。 Carried to extremes, militant minority self-assertion may result in the loss o f the large social and cultural integration the acculturation process seeks to assure-a circumstance of increasing concern in Western...

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  7. Social welfare concerns about well-being from inside out.

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  8. ...,as in Classical Greece,with court and political themes during the Renaissance,with social attitudes and manners during the eighteenth century,or with more relistic,everyday life of the late...

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  9. ...文化和消費文化的高度敏銳性, has one kind to the social culture and expense culture highly keen, 並與當代的時尚流行消費等社會現況間的交相互動,成為競爭時尚美學主導權的關鍵所在。 and with the contemporary social present situation and so on fashion popular expense junctions interact, to become the competition fashionable esthetics leading power the key to be. + 以上 翻譯 參考~~v

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  10. ...是「個別公民,將免受政府公務員之不當行為」 Social equity 社會公義 social equity is concerned with employment preferences based...

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