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  1. 我考過 部會太難吧!! 我是在溫哥華考的~ 這部算是省考吧 應該就是一班學校出來的考卷 十一年級不應該有省考這東西存在 省考只有給十二年級的學生用的!~ 部要擔心 大多歷史考題部會太刁專的^^ 加油! 2006-03-18 06:40:44 補充: 對了! 我建議你多看點maps不要著重在年代...

  2. Your social security card will not be the issue (You are fine, in other word). But you must have your school's designated official (the person from the international office) to approve.

  3. ...will be able to assist you without issue. Also - you can receive your Social Security benefits in Taiwan as well.

  4. ...年2,7月開課,學費大概2萬7吧.如果你大學是就讀關於Business,humanities或 Social Science的科系且成績有65%~70%的話就可以申請,如果你不是就讀相關科系...

  5. ...問題 退休金的問題 退休金有兩總選擇一總是 老人金 你繳 social security 那總領的多就選那總 老人補助金只有美國公民才...可以說養病住久一點那就沒有問題 反正如果你美國公民領的是 social security 住台灣 多久都沒問題

  6. 你要親自去當地的 Social Security Office重新辦 各地SSO...綠卡 工作證等) How do I replace a lost Social Security card?

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  8. ...藥學) Public Health(公衛) Public Policy(公共政策) Social Work(社工) 個各學院的詳細系所請至www.umich.edu查詢

  9. ...工礦科學〈Mines and Earth Sciences〉、社會行為學院〈 Social and Behavioral Science〉與社會工作〈 Social Work...

  10. ... for Alien Registration Number. Similar to Social Security Number, it is a number that the U...

  1. social 相關