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  1. 嚴格來說 sleep deprivation 應該翻譯成 睡眠不足, 並不能翻譯成 失眠. 失眠 會用 insomnia 這個字. deprivation 是被剝奪的意思. 所以這一句 teenage sleep deprivation 翻譯成 青少年睡眠不足 比較恰當. 這裡可以提供一些參考

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  2. 是『睡眠不足』。 它的定義為: It is a general lack of the necessary amount of sleep . This may occur as a result of sleep disorder. sleep disorder是『睡眠失調』的意思。 『失眠』為『sleeplessness』,醫學名詞為『insomnia』。

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年08月16日

  3. 睡眠剝奪( Sleep deprivation )也是影響到體質因素: 人類的睡眠時間約佔人生命的三分之一...夜尿(Nocturnal enuresis)、夜遊(俗稱夢遊 Sleep Walking , Somnombulism)、夜驚(Night...

  4. ... aroma relieves depression thus, it can also help relieve depression. ( sleep deprivation ) Sleep Deprivation : The collective negative effects...

  5. ...11-18 10:49:16 補充: 5.What are the affects of long-term sleep deprivation ? Sleep deprivation 's first sign is the ability to function...

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  6. ...dream sometimes. Last paragraph: I think I should relax and reduce sleep deprivation ; I am hoping that I can get away from nightmare.

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  7. ... techniques such as electrical shock, asphyxiation, heat, cold, noise, and sleep deprivation , which leave little evidence, although in other contexts torture frequently...

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  8. ...jpg 樂團:Simian Mobile Disco(猴塞雷迪斯可) 曲名: Sleep Deprivation (2007年專輯【Attack Decay Sustain Release...

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  9. ...藉由運動及均衡飲食來維持身體健康。 I know that I would suffer from sleep deprivation and jet lag by taking the long haul flight, but I have been fully...

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  10. ...the dependent variable. This indicates that different levels of sleep - deprivation have different effects on aggressiveness, F (3, 28) = 10.836, p <...

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