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  1. ...amp; Interpretation , Conference Interpretation (Arabic, Chinese, English... and aimed at training consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.)

  2. 同步翻譯: simultaneous translation or simultaneous interpretation 逐步翻譯:Gradually translates

  3. ...不過人總是要往高處爬 好還要更好 我大學教授推薦一本書 叫做同步翻譯( Simultaneous interpretation ) 總共有分4冊 很多外語系的老師都推薦這本書 裡面有提到很多口譯跟筆譯...

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  4. Good monring every distinguished guests, in order let this meeting going easy and smooth please turn off your cell phone or change the ring style to uibrate, thank you for your cooperation. A forum of transfering technology in year two thousand and eight inauguration 我...

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  5. 同步口譯 Simultaneous Interpretation 逐步口譯 Consecutive Interpretation

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  6. ...英語知識闊步英語界,一奇也。尤其是,未曾受訓而能從容從事「同步口譯」( simultaneous interpretation ),從未聽說另有其人,此其奇者二也。自古以來,文人優於文而兼有行者...