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  1. the full sentence should be "a bit shy " but conversationally many people say " bit shy " it means a little shy , or with some shyness. chinese: 有點害羞, "怕丑" 靦腆。

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  2. ...可以寫: She gives me a feeling that she is very shy . She gives me a feeling of her being very...

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  3. ... I have thirty more. I am still pretty shy .我想把前面二句連接起來....請問有什麼方法,,,我要 ... am thirty something, I am still pretty shy . 3) Being 30 something, I am still pretty...

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  4. too shy to..... 太怕羞去.... a bunch of 一串,一群 (形容好多) bean=豆 pole=柱 你係咪想寫 pimple =暗瘡?

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2009年01月14日

  5. ...hostile:不友善的 obedient:服從的 optimistic:樂觀的 playful:愛玩耍的 serious:嚴肅的 shy :害羞的 sociable:善交際的 stubborn:頑固的

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  6. friendly shy generous serious hardworking talkative quiet funny talkative friendly lazy mean...

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  7. ... is the best way of helping shy students to become more outgoing? As everyone...they GIVE wrong answers. THIS can make shy classmates feel THAT THERE IS...

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  8. As thin as a rake As shy as a snake As pink as a pig As false as a wig

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2011年03月22日

  9. Personality: quiet, shy , bossy, talkative, brave, stoic, lively, positive, charismatic, cheerful, moody, weird, calm, fussy etc. Places: ancient, modern, urban, crowded, noisy, peaceful, tranquil, messy, tidy, dainty, mysterious, dusty, ghostly etc.

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  10. l would meet her again,the world was beautiful,she hair was flowing,she was very lovely, shy and often cured some strainger , although she knew they did not need help.

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