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  1. This function is currently down for maintenance and will be back shortly . 這句的英文是說"這個功能正在維修並在不久之後會回來" 只是不曉得會修多久 =.=+ 我只能幫到這了

  2. ...file 案之後惠跳到另一ㄍ地方 在案罪下面這行字Your download should begin shortly . If it does not, try Download file now 里ㄉDownload...

  3. ... at ways to fulfil your request and will get back to you shortly .

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  4. ...order was shipped on 4/3/2006 and should arrive at its destination shortly . 您訂的東西已於2006年4月3日寄出,應該很快便能寄達。Please print...

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  5. ... offer for us?Looking forward to your positive response shortly . Best regards XXXXXX

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  6. ... you think that we are classmate or friend ?! Hope to see you again shortly !

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  7. ...我們將會儘快提供給你。 We will provide the information you requested shortly (or as soon as possible).在此個人偏好用 shortly 圖片參考:

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  8. ...f=1 has already been done. f=0 will be explained shortly . 這是我簡化過的了 for which 可用作 "當" (when) 或是"假設"...

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  9. ... are my flight(s) and the hotel info: I will call you shortly , thank you again.

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  10. Last time I introduced myself shortly , let me introduce myself again. My name is Aaron, you can call me A-Bang also.

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