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  1. ...supplier, multi-country consolidation at the cost of a full container. •Consolidating shipments dramatically reduces cost and boosts efficiency •Pooling freight...

  2. ... available currently and the package will be applied to the following shipments .

  3. 你好!「我們要拜託客戶讓我們可以出20呎一整櫃的,因為我們的倉庫已滿。」 請問英文該怎麼說比較恰當 ?? Please allow us to fill up a 20-foot containerof goods for this shipment ,because our warehouse is full.

  4. 你好!! 這次我要做三角貿易,要廠商不要把文件附在貨裡面。 Please ask the manufacturer not to attach thefile to the goods inside, Because I would like the shipment to be triangulartrade this time.

  5. 貨物到港船期 印度到廈門 Shipment of goods from India to Xiamen。

  6.,係保險費由買方 負擔,因此賣方押匯時不需提供保險文件,這是對的,符合 shipment term是FOBTaiwan國際貿易慣例。

  7. ... have made an order a month ago. I like to check the status of the shipment . My Order no. (請填入訂單號碼) If items already...

  8. 1.沒問題 2.等對方指定的FWD跟您聯繫即可 3.SO=裝船通知單,基本上這個是給您報關行,由他安排卡車到港口以及報關事宜 3-1 沒錯,結關日看FWD幫您BOOKING哪天就是哪天。 4.B/L=提單,是提貨用的,但近洋線航程很短基本上都會電放...

  9. ... and taxes 課稅金跟稅金 14. Receipt no. 收據號碼 15. shipment details 貨品明細 16. Re-positioning 重新定位 17. cargo...

  1. shipment 相關