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  1. ... very poor, he can't go to the university. 2. Finding no one at home, she left the house in a bad temper. 3. Turning on the light, I was...

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  2. ( She )makes you all (to be) her slaves. auxiliary verb(to be) ...subject nearest to it when there is a passive voice(present passive voice) She makes you (to be) her slave--------shows arrangement for the future...

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  3. I used to have a catholic taste for women, but now, she is my only type of taste..她是我佳哲的最愛.

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  4. ...well past 40. (O - well要靠近past) 2. We couldn't very well refuse her . (O - very well要靠近refuse) (D) 為神你是小妹?還在讀小學校嗎?

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  5. 用簡單易點的例句來說明: She is Helen. She is smart. 以上的例子說明,BE...是<形容詞>的話,就是<主詞補語>. <同位語>就是說 She 就是Helen;Helen就是 She . <主詞補語>是...

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  6. - Kelly won first place because of her hard work. 也可改為:- Kelly won first place due to her hard work.- Kelly won first place as a result of her hard work.

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  7. let, let, letting eg:- She lets it go. She really lets it go. They let it go...

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  8. ...each and every fans. My favorite network star was also on the scene. She hugged me and then recommended me to her favorite...

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  9. 日文翻訳 不知道是不是正確ㄉ

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  10. ... lunch?) 例4. 彼女はまさかもう起きているのではないだろうね. ( She isn't up already, is she ?) 例5. 私は夢を見てるのではないだろう...

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