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  1. ... really wanted to learn how to READ MARTIAN, so she asked her mom teach her . Ken learned how to...

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  2. (1)failure (2)change (3)capital (4)which (5)skill (6)multiply (7)tuned

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  3. ... owners. 2. Carrie was [jealous] of Helen because she owned so many beautiful and expensive things.

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  4. 文法上當然可以: I liked her /him since we met in school. 過去時態動詞記述"...說"。 最後的一種寫法: I liked her /him but we're not together any more. 清楚寫...

  5. 有些動詞在同一解釋上,同時可以是及物和不及物(intransitive and stative),其中相同名詞可以作為動詞的主語或賓語。而"close"是屬於這類動詞,另外例子如"open", "break", "smash"...等等。 ~ He closed the door. ~ The door closed.

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  6. ... are the language of usa. Do you speak,read English? She 's Taiwanese, but her English is excellent. ...

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  7. ...很熱衷。 如你所說 keen on a girl 是 (he is very attracted to her ),他對學校裡的一位女生很動心。 如果原句意思是 The teachers...

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  8. 這一句可以加that 但不是在was前面 that要加在 she got之前 成為 The poor tabby, was very meek and mild through all...

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  9. She 's a real class act. 此句中的act可以用action取代嗎? 不可以,因為意思完全不同。class act 代表一個精巧...not usually used with "of" but is often used with possessive pronouns (his, her , ...); for example: ~ a heroic act of bravery (O) ~ a heroic action of bravery (X) ~ his heroic ​acts...

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  10. flowing ringlets是"長卷髮"的名詞(附上髪廊圖示) fell in是動詞片語中"垂飄著"fell的(in)狀態的形容 「她的頭髮紅得發亮並且長長卷曲地垂飄在她的雙肩上。」(句子這樣形容)

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