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  1. 臨時股東會interim shareholders meeting , 大一點的會。可用assembly 大會 公司法: Corporate Charter...

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  2. Shareholders Meeting

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  3. general meeting of shareholders meeting 是會議 shareholders 是股東

  4. ...名詞,只有D是副詞. All he was doing at the company s shareholders meeting was spoiling the whole thing. 倒裝主詞必須用動名詞片語,不能用不定詞...

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  5. ...entertainmentnewsbuzz/2010/11/its-showdown-time-lions-gate-sets-dec-14- shareholders - meeting -to-face-off-with-carl-icahn.html

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  6. ..., (415) 871-1132 (available for photos and interviews after the shareholder meeting )( 5/28/2006 9:45:12 PM 2006-06-21 05:55:30 補充...

  7. ...另外台積電也有它自己的網站公告股東會訊息 shareholders /e0402_ meeting .htm

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  8. 1.rank at +名次 用among要這樣: rank at the first place among other beautiful alpine resorts. 2. 這句不要管詞性,直接看意思就很明顯 Despite>介係詞 Since這裡做因為,still為副詞並非連接詞 >因為湯米森退休了,... 3.可以,不要看地方來選介係詞,in 這裡的確是...

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  9. ...document which a company presents to its Annual General Meeting for approval by its shareholders . The report normally includes a profit and loss account and balance sheet...

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  10. ..., cover deficit 300,000 yuan, this amount of money, by every shareholder according to the proportion of investment, give up creditor... are no other discussion items, finish the meeting at this point. 可以嘛????

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