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  1. 問題在於 "stealthing",如何翻譯? Some call it "stealthing" but many others call it sexual assault . 有些人說這是 "暗地裡偷襲",更多人則認為是性侵害。

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  2. 如您是要單純保護工作的話,可用↓ The protection of domestic violence and sexual assault for female. 如您是要保護及預防工作的話,可用↓ The protection and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault for female.

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  3. ... type of elder maltreatment, it is difficult to assess the prevalence of a sexual assault component in elder victims. 性虐待是已老人惡待事件中最少被通報的 , 這...

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  4. 是" sexual assault "或” sexual contact"才對 如性騷擾是" sexual harassment"

  5. ... 18 at the time, claims Jackson "repeatedly committed sexual assault and battery" on him in New Orleans, Louisiana...

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  6. Yes, the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case has ended. The accuser decided to withdraw from the case and settled for monetary compensation.

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  7., careers 3.Various types of propaganda: sexual harassment, sexual assault advocacy, children less protection advocacy, and dropout prevention advocacy 4....

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  8. ...of a daughter born in January, was charged with one count of sexual assault , a felony. 24 年的洛杉磯湖人隊擔任主角, 結婚並且女兒父親出生於1月, 被充電...

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  9. ...libel書面誹謗(文字,圖片及大眾媒體)以及 slander口頭誹謗 性侵害 = “ Sexual Assault ”(性侵害)屬於Sex Offenses(性犯罪)之下 謀殺 = “Murder...

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  10. ...可能可以從這網站略知一二 sexual _ assault _investigation.html#Bail 2014-11-27 10:44:37 補充: