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  1. 問題在於 "stealthing",如何翻譯? Some call it "stealthing" but many others call it sexual assault. 有些人說這是 "暗地裡偷襲",更多人則認為是性侵害。

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  2. sexual dimorphism …是兩性外形明顯有差異, 而 sexual dichromatism註明只是毛色差異. 除了毛色, 仍可以有: 有角/沒角, 有刺/沒刺等...

    分類:科學 > 動物學 2007年11月12日

  3. ...) different from their biological sex, can just conceal their real sexual preference, (in order) to prevent themselves from being regarded as...

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  4. DEVELOPMENT OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAW • 1964 – Title VII &ndash...ndash; Williams v. Saxbe – Court recognized sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination when sexual advances by male supervisor...

  5. sexual abuse(性虐待) Because sexual abuse is the most underreported type of elder maltreatment, it is difficult to assess the prevalence of a sexual assault component in elder victims. 性虐待是已老人惡待事件中最少被通報...

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  6. sexual exploitation常見於書寫英文,是正式用法,少見於口語用法 指的就是: (遭受... a demand for trafficked children as cheap labour or for sexual exploitation.

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  7. Sexual organs resulted in relationship with ease. Perceptions of value...

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  8. sexual activity may be resume in six to eight weeks 此句文法有誤. resume是動詞,在be動詞後不可用原型. 這樣寫才是合理的: Sexual activity may be resumed in six to eight weeks. 性活動在六到八周...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年04月11日

  9. Sexual Dependence Day (84min) Directors: Scott Baldyga Actors: Jennifer Thomas, Loryn Miller

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  10. Sexual reproduction: 有性生殖 (您少寫一個c) Parthenogenesis: 單性生殖 Polyembryony: 多 胚 生 成 Paedogenesis: 童體生殖(昆蟲之幼體生殖)

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