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  1. ... Wai Hing. I would appriciate if you could arrange to send back the handbag to me at your earliest convenience. Please...

  2. Please kindly send back /us the remaining shipment samples (ASAP/as soon as possible). Please kindly send back /us the balance quantity of the shipment samples (ASAP/as soon as possible.

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  3. 同意樓上既講法., 既然冇上文下理..咁唯有估架na=] can send back my one house.. 應該係..可唔可以寄番去我一間屋-______________-..

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年11月29日

  4. ...? Anyway, Could you Please fill in the excel file and send it back to us ASAP. = oK AS IT IS ...

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  5. ... it. Thank you very much for your kind-- co-operation. send back 要有it(那東西)才成的, kindly用錯了字, help一般(英語人)是指救急或者是人情...

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  6. 您好,以我所知如果寄出国來香港的話係要收稅的要報 ^^

  7. If IMMI Department send back u in HK,u should go back in HK. u fall to appeal MRT now .it...

  8. Hi, if u already sent back the card to US, there is no problem for your next trip. have a nice trip. 2008-07-09 03:11:40 補充: it is because u only forgot ... and u left US on time.

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  9. 一封酒店 SEND BACK 比你既MAIL搞到變左錄取口供? 唔駛咁嚴重下話...但凡收到本電郵時, 麻煩你寫下有關疑問, 然後將此電郵 SEND 回給我們。 2) この度は、ルートインHP よ...

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  10. download the form and send back to department AS41cApplication for Credit Exemption/Transfer