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  1. ... no any mail program that will allowed you to send 90MB of data. The industrial practice of most shrink the size/resolution of the photo first before you send them in email. Of course, this will surely ...

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  2. ...the resolutions, in order to keep the file sizes small, or do not sent too much pictures at the same time, total of 2M at each time should be...

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  3.,而且A傳送的檔案 有毒,所以經常跟其他聯絡人談天時, send 不到想說的話,反而每次 send 出對話時會 send 左D英文同A傳送檔案...

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  4. ...但預你會把問題刪除,無奈只能簡單作答。1把條片(MP4)一分為二分兩條 send 俾d fd,再唔得一開三或一開四。2條片轉FLV或更細的GIF...

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  5. ...只係叫係入 password果d ge話, 佢只係一個網絡釣魚網站, 用黎攞左你個account再 send 毒俾人, 你冇enter到 name同password都應該冇事, 你唔放心的話應該掃一次毒, 或者...

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  6. 你down唔到foxy係因為無link down? 以上既link可以down到 仲有我想講就算 send 個foxy個檔案比你你都係用唔到,因為個foxy都唔係裝起你部機度,所以 send 比你都無用 你試下我條link吧

    分類:電腦及互聯網 > 軟體 2010年11月15日

  7. ...講係唔關事, 你部機無中毒, 都會有咁既情況. 因為其實係好容易就假扮其他人 send email 出去 例如我可以假扮 send 封email 比你, 但...

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  8. 在你的email中按加入附件便可(可大於10MB)

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  9. 唔會 because 係msn or ICQ send 係分享用途黎姐嘛

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  10. 1. Set Send fax 'immediately" / "AUTO" 2. You have to import the number by yourself... NO choice Good Luck!

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