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  1. 時序: 1. She left. 2. Henry arrived. 3. So she did not see him. 正確答案:B  「過去完成式」she had left在「過去簡單式」he left there之前發生 先離開的她沒看到後來到的他(時序合理)

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  2. take out the garbage for me------the infinitive adjunct is used after some verbs(eg:-need) which are used with preposition---to infinitive, eg:-to see , to come, to clean, to wash, to tell, to take out;

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  3. ... joking名詞子句當作動詞think的受詞). After all, isn’t Transylvania the home of ... fact, many people go there in the hopes of seeing Dracula’s origin. The question is...

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  4. To see is to believe. 百聞不如一見,不定詞當主詞用,而本句To still be suffering是不定詞片詞用分詞,是強調用意,當主詞用

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  5. ...". 3. "the other day"是指不久前的某一天,故用過去式" saw ". 4. 此句最後說明是上個月每天發生的事,所以用簡單過去式"had...

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  6. See the whole sentence and the meaning related:-eg:- The green world we live is for the Earth...may filled the pot with earth and planted a green plant in it for the Earth ! The morning after the party he looked like nothing on earth for the earth ! You look like nothing on earth for the earth in that...

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  7. ...something in your mind) really (adv) --- missing an adjective after it be upsetting --- be upset (passive voice) ....+ to-finitive 改寫成...technique which he presented at a conference, only to be upset to see someone else use it afterwards.

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  8. ...ever seen the whole process of a total lunar eclipse? What we know - 1. after the verb of perception such as " see ", we can use either the bare-infinitive or present participle to follow the object, but...

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  9. ...phrase usage is used to imply the passive. note also the use of the comma after the past participial phrase(,) she was seen -------------main clause, passive implied when "some were holding...

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  10. And God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. 上面出自King James Version裡的聖經用語是較古式的英文。其動詞的「第三人單數現在簡單式...

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