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  1. The Array mbira is a hand -crafted modern musical instrument with a unique harp or bell...scale). Usually, the Array mbira contains two and a half repetitions of the entire chromatic scale, ...

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  2. 其實聯絡琴行去寄賣係又快同好嘅方法。

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  3. 不要再提醒我 這一些日子裡,我的擋風板 其他日子裡,我只是一個幸運的錯誤 由於寒冷的鐵軌離開 通過農村老長滿青苔的小徑 烏鴉和bean字段 是我最好的朋友,但 小子,我需要一個擁抱(男孩,我需要一個擁抱) 因為我的心臟停止跳動,沒有你 有一些關於你 這讓我覺得...

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  4. 5係每一個貨品都減ga i recommend u to buy second hand , much cheaper

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  5. we receive second hand musical instruments pls contact us

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  7. Too late to turn back now - Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose

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  8. that is not a cymbal that is called a gong, an oriental instrument, seldom used.

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  9. ... with excellent sound quality but in a cheaper price (coz they are second hand ;)) i help friends to sell these flutes btw i have tried some...

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  10. ...你就 HK$3XXX la! 2012-03-03 22:45:49 補充: but if u accept second hand , i have. just HK$ 2800 for a upgrade model. 經典 難求 Yamaha ...

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