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  1. that is not a cymbal that is called a gong, an oriental instrument, seldom used.

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  2. 香港天氣潮濕, 所以日本琴會襟用d, 但係音色黎講, Boston當然好d啦 假錢就梗係貴啦, 個款係歐洲設計嘛 其實一部琴可以用好耐, 就算唔彈, 賣返出去o既價錢, 好快就唔同價... 所以唔一定Kawai賣做二手就係好價錢, 所以多人買~

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  3. ...sonic pleaser Getcha hot like fever Boiling ( two ) hundred degrees ahhhh Your burning...down always headin' up Raise your hands 'cause we blaze it up Anybody here who...

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  4. ... fingers and wrists. You should hold your hands firmly on the keys without moving it around. Practice as if you...

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  5. ...冇講左右手o者話雙手彈 (ii) in contrary motion with both hands beginning and ending on the key-note (unison), in the keys of A and Eb majors ( two octaves) 由同一個音開始彈( A OR...

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  6. ... differences are the first violins still at left hand side but the second violins are placed at right hand side of stage. Violas...

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  7. ...a dream that the share together. And throughout the rest of her life, the two of them will walk together hands in hands from now until forever. Something like that.

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  8. ...finger down on F# off of the D string Play the following Hand positions Second position D string 1 - 2 - 34 (First, second and third...

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  9. ... hands playing together outside of a five-finger position. Occasional two -note chords in either hand may be encountered. See also p. 7. More information please click...

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  10. ...melody should be "flow like oil." To bring out the cantabile melody in the second movement and the right hand tremelos in the third movement need particulat attention.

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