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  1. i recommend you to buy second hand piano these pianos are suitable for you

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  2. ... than love More than this More than what's in these two hands More than love More than me But I can&#39...

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  3. US-6X... 呢個型號停產左架啦啵. 所以你一定要揀 second hand 啦。 價錢浮游於$20000左右

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  4. ... your looking for something cheaper , try their second - hand CD stores.

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  5. ...and cannot use anymore i have a good guitar want to sell, since it's second hand , the price may not be expensive please contact me if you are interested...

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  6. 其實由電結開始練..效果5會冇咁好 新手吾洗買咁貴, i have some second hand guitars want to sell, they have good sound quality buy the price isn't expensive if you are interested, please contact me

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  7. 5係每一個貨品都減ga i recommend u to buy second hand , much cheaper

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  8. ...你就 HK$3XXX la! 2012-03-03 22:45:49 補充: but if u accept second hand , i have. just HK$ 2800 for a upgrade model. 經典 難求 Yamaha ...

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  9. ... Lee has a heaps of brands. u can also buy second hand ones if u dun mind. Q : 對結他一無所知,幫幫助?! A : find...

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  10. ... going away Love's forever so loving you Two hands look empty Actually hugging you Actually you did not...

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