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  1. 您好: On Being a Scientist 2009 大意: 科學研究企業在信任的基礎被建立。 科學家相信,其他報告的結果...

  2. According to scientists , a person’s attention is attracted ________ by static objects...

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  3. 客座科學家,客座學者的意思。也就是說,因為此人名望很高,或者在某種領域有特殊成就,因此公司或者學術單位便請他來「訪問」一段時間,大致上就是當顧問的意思;學界多半稱此為「客座教授」,所以科學家就是「客座科學家」囉!

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  4. Scientist .pdf 打開就可以看了喔!! 如果沒有,或許是因為你沒有下載Adobe Reader 下載後應開就ok了︿"︿

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  5. Scientists found that 2005 was the year that had the highest temperature. During the... by human letting the temperature between ocean and atmosphere constantly increased. Scientists named this kind of phenomenon as “the greenhouse effects .” In recent years...

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  6. 雖然有許多科學家並不相信,但是動物有超能力的事實已經廣為接受。

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  7. The famous scientist , ______ a dinner party will be held tonight, is to arrive soon. (2008山东... D. in which honour 沒錯, 主要子句是The famous scientist is to arrive soon. 所以本句不可再有第二個動詞, 除非有連接詞或使用關係...

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  8. Scientists believe that these abnormal weather phenomena are...若要用which則需逗點,這裡that亦可省略,因它非主格代名詞 Scientists believe that these abnormal weather phenomena are...

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  9. 看看以下網址是不是你要的… Artist: Coldplay Song: The Scientist

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  10. The scientist who speaks a newly married finds beautiful cuckoldry on the face... Yin and don't show of small birthmark, but became the scientist 's confident great trouble, occupy him is all thoughts and...

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