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  1. ... the most prominent twentieth century, but also one of the most influential scientists .

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  2. ...a theoretical physicist, and is widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century. He was the author of the general theory of relativity...

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  3. ... s fame and prestige overrides in other scientists on, and no slackening of effort.This scientist ...produce the nuclear fission with the neutron.American scientist is last book president Roosevelt, put signature...

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  4. ...%20Keynes&sa=N&tab=wi scientist /profile/keynes.html

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  5. ... Walton Thomas Watson, Jr. (4.) Scientists and Thinkers Leo Baekeland Tim Berners...

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  6. ...生平,可以參考以下的網址: scientist /pascal.htm

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  7. ... scientist /200502/89675.html+%E7%89%9B%E9%A0%93+%E7%88%...

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  8. scientists .htm#F

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  9. 居禮夫人 scientist /curie.htm德雷莎修女

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  10. ...1928年從野草中提煉橡膠成功。 資料來源: scientist /200501120011.shtml

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