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  1. 演唱: Savage Garden 曲名: I Knew I Loved You 專輯..._AA240_.jpg 歌詞: savage _garden/i_knew_i_loved_you.html

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  2. 武器種族傳說OP 曲:Forever... 歌: savage genius [ti:Forever...] [ar: savage genius] [al:武器種族傳說OP] [by...

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  3. ...你保證 so beautiful 不是裡面唯一好聽的~~ 01. Savage Garden - I Want ... You (B-Side) 16. Savage Garden - Fire Inside...

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  4. 到網路百科去看,不過上面的文章話語參考就好。這兩位是動畫歌手,原來現在的青少年在接觸的是這類東西。 橋本みゆき: 茅原実...

  5. Tell Laura I love her  Ray Peterson Laura and Tommy were lovers He wanted to give her everything Flowers, presents and most of all, a wedding ring He...

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  6. Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You 可以參考這個網站

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  7. Savage Garden - California礙於字數限制, 詳細歌詞請參考這個網站

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  8. Savage Garden --- Truly , Madly , Deeply ... I knew I loved you 98度 --- I do Leann Rimes --- How do I live Westlife --- You raise me up

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  9. ...演唱】Darren Hayes feat. Savage Garden 【歌名】California 【收錄... Completely: The Best of Savage Garden (2005-11)

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  10. 圖片參考: 歌手: Savage Genius 歌名:君ノ名前 水面に揺れる月 儚く 溜息に乗るメロ...

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