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  1. ...twelve months preceding your application for a work permit; be in satisfactory academic standing; sign a form authorizing the institution, the province...

  2. ...意思 如果有錯 歡迎指正.... 2009-02-28 09:31:44 補充: 哈囉~ superior 優秀的 satisfactory 良好的 unsatisfactory 不滿的

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  3. ... must certainly fill in Yes . ★☆★☆★☆ 【 Wishes you to be satisfactory 】 ★☆★☆★☆

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  4. ...of the incidents to the 12 categories was 88 and 92% for satisfactory and dissatisfactory incidents, respectively 事件分類的交叉比對(以第三位研究...

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  5. Please help us *deplete* these inventories. 消化庫存 - deplete inventory The price is still pending further negotiation. We wish the price is satisfactory to both of us.

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  6. ...the outdoors activity Likes the very many things present my very satisfactory present life Very happily knows everybody Thanks

  7. It is a curious fact, of which I can think of no satisfactory explanation, that enthusiasm for country life and love of natural scenery are ...

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  8., and hope you can be happy every day, find someone who can love you sincerely, and be satisfactory forever.

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  9. ... in the park good enough? 2.The installations' quality satisfactory . 3.Does the traveling guide provide the correct information? 4.Is...

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