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  1. ...the outdoors activity Likes the very many things present my very satisfactory present life Very happily knows everybody Thanks

  2. It is a curious fact, of which I can think of no satisfactory explanation, that enthusiasm for country life and love of natural scenery are ...

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  3., and hope you can be happy every day, find someone who can love you sincerely, and be satisfactory forever.

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  4. ... in the park good enough? 2.The installations' quality satisfactory . 3.Does the traveling guide provide the correct information? 4.Is...

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  5. Yellow, or red icons depending on whether they are satisfactory , borderline, or subpar.” 每個工作者,都有一制度可以審查他們對於自己的工作是否...

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  6. 這些資訊足夠解答你的問題嗎 Is this information satisfactory enough to your questions?

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  7. ...for the UK for a trial period of 24 months. Further to a satisfactory trial period, we would also wish to discuss terms and conditions at an...

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  8. ... me to leave to today wishes each everything to be satisfactory and industry the product progresses day by day

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  9. ... side accompanied you to be willing in your new year all satisfactory safe healths to be every day carefree, so long as you are happy I...