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  1. Love Is Same All 2008年在日本東京所组成5人编制樂團、主唱...預定为在2010年放送的卡通配唱。 Love is Same All跳脱既有硬派龐克的印象、以晶瑩亮麗的雙...

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  2. THE SAME FORTUNATE AIR 應該是: 同樣幸福的樣子. 說明:air,在這個句子中, 應該與"空氣"無關. 請由 上下文中, 再瞭解確實的意思.

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  3. same as me!!! 我去下面的網頁看來的 : )

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  4. See the same sky 作詞:H.U.B. 作曲:Alexander Holmgren...想いが届くと信じて 雨の日の朝も 三日月の夜も We can see the same sky いつでも Singing in the rain I can feel again Baby...

  5. The Same , The Shame 這是陷阱 這是幻影 放棄清醒 放棄聰明... miss the chance again and again till i forget we are all the same yeah we are all the same ... we can't stay cuz we dom't...

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  6. "跟什麼東西一樣" The same as... 例句: "他的車跟我的一樣" His car is the same as mine. "如下圖:" As pictured below: 或 "如下圖所示:" As shown in the picture below:

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  7. It is actually easier than that. Just say: " same here" or simply "ditto"

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  8. ... who are working at a ______level. (A) like (B) same (C) among (D) similar 這題為何不能選B at a same level ? [說明...

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  9. around the same time I arrived = around the same time when I arrived = around the same time as I arrived "when I arrived" 是關係子句 在這裡 當形容詞用 用來形容 time. 意思是<我到達的>時間

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  10. symptom是一個可數名詞。所以只有3. The same symptom as yours.是對的。 如果1.改為 Same symptoms as yours.也對。因為只有不可數名詞或複數的可數名詞前面才可以不加冠詞。

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