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  1. ...受詞」。名詞子句的主詞是teacher。 I can't understand "what the teacher says in the class."(用名詞子句當動詞understand的受詞) = I can't understand...

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  2. I would say - Alan Turing and Claude Shannon.  Without Turing, there is no computers.  Without Shannon, there is no digital communication and encryption.

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  3. :That is the name of this house," replied the Jew. If n=b, m=b,  then "I'm not certain you can" said Barney, who is the attendant sprite(=fairy), but I'll inquire.'

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  4. And I said to the rose the night goes Not for money ; for love and wine...

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  5. ... conference.  Maybe we should meet up for a beer or two.  What say you?

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  6. ...強調「無」的觀念。 可與形容詞few的用法比較: Very few understand what he said .=沒有幾個人瞭解他說什甚麼。 few當複數代名詞用,表示否定。 Only a...

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  7. ... me that I often heard my friends say that Madonna's products are delicious, so I ...

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  8. ...很多: George was obviously win a bad mood, because he didn't even say good morning.加上逗號表示後面的資訊只是我判斷的基礎,不是原因。 I couldn...

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