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  1. ...helplessly (bawled her matches to the people who was still rushing on the street), but (only) being treated coldly or got a blind eye...

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  2. (1)A considered (2)A hadn't left---->wouldn't have missed (3)D in (4)C increase (5)B since (6)C around (7)A past participle (8)C extensive (9)C After (10)B driving, gerund

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  3. “You can't rush the Jack.” jack 在負面的粗俗語裡面=jack shit=anything = nothing = everything...jack shit = you don't know nothing at all = you dumb ass. You cannot rush jack = you should not rush anyone = you rush no one = you don't run no one You...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2016年07月11日

  4. 若越過界線 就會變的貪心 = greeds feed on, when any line is crossed. = desires rush in, while certain taboos are broken.

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  5. ...廣告, 黃鶯鶯 - The Power of Love (原唱:Jennifer Rush )1984年 TO版主: 發問一小時後 就可選擇最佳解答 如對解答有疑問...

  6. 快停藥房是位於奧勒岡州波特蘭一家小型的家庭式複合藥房,其經營是要提供完善的客服。藥房店東John Suleiman要將員工的生產力最大化並提供客戶良好的服務。其中一個重點是在早晨7:30-8:30的尖峯期間,經營免下車快速購藥服務,售藥服務的過程考慮如下: a) 若所有...

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  7. Big Time Rush - Song's For You 收錄專輯: 24/Seven 發行時間: 2013 年

    分類:音樂 > 其他:音樂 2016年01月28日

  8. 1. Be careful not to have a corridor meeting when you re in a rush to get somewhere else or the person you re talking to is. Bosses...

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