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  1. ...整張專輯都有~"~ 官網: rooster /p1.php 首張專輯空降英國金榜第三名,全英12大媒體...發射出來的那種感染熱力,也是近年來難得一見。難怪 Rooster 才出道半年,就創下連續兩首單曲打入全英單曲榜前...

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  2. 我只有英文的ㄝ Come Get Some :: Rooster Baby it Dont Matter, Anyone Can ...

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  3. ... Player 的..) rooster _youre_so_right_for_me?size=4x3&bgc=C0C0C0&nbram=1&bbram=1...

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  4. I, I don t know why I miss you so much Yeah I, I don t know why I still feel your touch You, you left me feeling high and dry With nothing, nothing but the question why Yeah you, I guess you had another direction...

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  5. 圖片參考: Deep And Meaningless The Veronicas - UntouchedI, I don't know why I miss you so much 我,我不知道我為什麼如此思念你 Yeah I, I don't know why...

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  6. 圖片參考: rooster -circles_and_satellites.jpg ROOSTER 第二張專輯 Circles And Satellites 國外發行日2006/06/21 台灣還沒發行

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  7. 專輯:Circles And Satellites lyrics 歌詞: rooster _lyrics_3998/circles_and_satellites_lyrics_29525/

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  8. Come get some rooster /come_get_some_tab.htmStaring at the sun

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  9. Come Get Some 敢愛就來 Baby it don t matter, 寶貝,一切都不重要 Anyone can see the signs, 每個人都可以看到這暗示 I caught you looking over, 我捕捉你游移的眼神 With just a little bit of a smile, 發現眼神中帶著...

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  10. Rooster 同名專輯網址連結~ 下載WMA檔後再利用iTunes轉MP3即可~~~

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