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  1. because multi-charged silver ion (+2) are very uncommon, only found in quite extreme conditions. it's well-understood that silver ion refers to silver(I), not the others. other examples are sodium, zinc, cadmium... other oxidation...

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  2. ...and so on. As a shorthand device they are also referred to by roman numerals : I, II, III, IV, VI, VII for tonic, supertonic...

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  3. You should know that there is no relationship between the charges' in brackets and "transition" or not. This is because of its varible oxidization state. Lead have 3 oxidization states: +2(most common), +4 and -4 If a metal ion have only 1...

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  4. I=1,V=5 X=10,L=50,C=100,D=500,M=1000 MCCXXXV=1000+200+30+5=1235 DCCCLXXIII=500+300+50+20+3=873 CMLXXVIII=900(M-C)+70+8=978 DIII=500+3=503 ICCLXVII=199(CC-I)+50+10+7=276

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  5. Probably following Roman numeral convention, MMIL may mean 1000+1000+ 50 - 1 = 2049. However, more formal or generally accepted representation for 2049 should be MMXLIX.

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  6. ... for writing numbers in chinese. ex. 一二三四五 roman numerals was the standard numbering system and method of arithmetic in ancient rome...

  7. above L will represent 50,000, etc. See: Roman _ numerals or

  8. ...壹貳參肆伍陸柒捌玖拾佰仟萬 2008-08-30 20:05:00 補充: for rules of roman numerals : Roman _ numeral

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  9. The answer is: | = III - II 2008-07-10 15:17:47 補充: 若要投票,請通知我刪除答案。免得 ouktso (HA00962185) 四處找我作針對性的投票。

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