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  1. 理科文章通常不會注重文法尤其現在在美國 的 中堅技術工程師90%都是亞洲人. 在這裡 and是應該換成but. 是輸出不跟clock 的 上升緣同步但跟下降緣同步 的意思 .

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  2. ...control and research and development. After 2000, environmental awareness has risen . In order to maintain sustainable operation and quality of life, it has ...

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  3. ...without 斷開來: the air without = the air outside = 氣球外 的 空氣 所以整句 意思 是: (The balloon ..., ) for the air within it...the air without THAT it pulled hard to rise into the sky. = (氣球‧‧‧,)  因為氣球裡 的 空氣...

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