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  1. Rights 是權益, 就如 Human Rights 是人權一樣, 但是 building rights ...是沒權益的, 如你有錢, 你喜歡何時拆卸它們都可以, 所以你那 building rights 應該是建築起樓的權益, 以後你問問題, 最好是整句的發問, 因為可以根據上文...

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  2. be right back = "好快就會返來"

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  3. Things that would be morally wrong to do to an animal, and why? 1) Cruel pet owners might hit their animals, or abandon their pets when they feel bored with them. 不少人虐打自己的寵物, 或感厭倦時隨意拋棄牠們 (BUT we...

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  4. 我不肯定什麼正確的排序是,但是他們不會用任何下賤聊天線。 I'm not sure what the right sort is but they would not use any cheesy chat-up lines. Right Sort = 正確的排序

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  5. 1.錯, Ordinary people is with quiet behaviour. 平凡的人,性格比較靜 become......... Ordinary people, relatively static character 平凡的人,性格比較靜 2.錯, Two people should be attentive and communicated each other. 兩個人相處在乎溝通與關懷 bacome...

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  6. " that is right ?? " Should be: Is that right ? (for one single question) Or...

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  7. 贊成病人本身對於生死有最後決定權的; 主張死亡權利的(指有權拒絕以醫學儀器延長生命)

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  8. 人權,是一個人被 ______賦予的基本權利,也就是他/她與生俱來的. 1. 固有(天生,天性)地 2. 命令地 3. 真正(可靠)地 4. 選擇性地

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  9. I got no choice, I had no choice, i have no choice -these are all right depends on when you are using them.

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  10. that means you disagree with that, right ? so you can may affect us. the most important thing in secondary...

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